The question for the fashionables at An Evening Honoring Valentino Black Tie Gala was simply not what to praise with, but all about “how” and “by whom”. Apart from Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli themselves who are absolutely opinion-proof and far beyond ready for accepting all the bows, flowers and flatteries from the folks that are not themselves at the event, it has become the unseen duty for the rest of the guest of honors, especially the guest of various glamor, to seek out their best personal statement piece(s) by Valentino that not only speak out for them, but telling as for the ultimate compliment to the designers. We’re focusing on the fantastic 4 muses at the evening today, from Liv Tyler to Keira Knightley; Olivia Palermo to Diane Kruger, and having a close look on their choice of Valentino that flatters much more than just themselves.

It turns out that when it comes to the alternative approach to the sober black, Valentino’s 2015 fall mini-floral embellished black evening gown chosen by Liv Tyler perfectly echoes with Tyler’s green eyes while keeping her overall look both elegantly solemn and surprisingly peppy, all thanks to the lovely plantation decors of the high-neck evening gown. We have to say that it’s a brilliant and thoughtful choice considering how the dress emphasizes the colour of her eyes, which is one of the most distinguishable characteristics of hers, while properly easies up the overall serious atmosphere of the event, adding up the relaxing and laid-back, approachable holiday hue to the usually and mostly sleek-to-the-core, all-about-purely-serious-glam feminine.

With the all-out sophistication from the geometric golden triangle lace on her evening dress, one of many things that we learned from her when it comes to embracing the intricacy of evening dressing is to smartly balance that with the minimalistic touch on the accessories. Simple yet sleek as the ponytail pulled back with the little clutch that comes along, Olivia Palermo’s approach to the curiously-lux, powerful yet still elegant Valentino black gown keeps her shines with all the right glow with that irresistible regal scent re-mastered.

In the world of Valentino, every single black piece is unique and tells its own story. What’s tricky here when it comes to opting for the perfect black pieces, is rather featuring them together that they’re working as a whole, than pulling up with the one-piece-wonder safe bet, as you won’t have to worry about how the single piece that guarantees never goes wrong, goes wrong. What Keira Knightley did is exactly the former as she featured Valentino Fall 2015’s Couture black cape with the one-shoulder charcoal gown underneath, preserving its glory till the finest moment. It’s a bit like dark chocolate; the sweetness always comes after the shedding of the bitterness.

Animal influence is always the topic of the bold side in the realm of the red carpet glamor. Leopard? Tiger? When it comes to the in-depth glam with unbeatable intricacy and elegance, nothing can be compared to the grace of a mystic peacock. Also taken from Valentino 2015’s Couture gowns, the cape-gown of Diane Kruger featured a sexy lace V-neck in the front with the luxury dark green fur pouring down from both sides to the thigh-line; while the most noticeable part – the shiniest chevron golden peacock tails streamline the whole gown into the mystic, sacred creature a la mode.