Saint Laurent at the Palladium is all about the starry night filled with luminous halogen broken C-shaped key rings up in the concrete sky, liquid paleness flowing from one pipe to another brighter than the daylight, and most of all, the neo-industrious, free-style, sexy and playful metal collection from the rock and roll-accentuated. While everything shines at their very own perfection, there were 5 guests of honor who made black golden, who perfected the black metal spirit with various surprising elements and made black even sexier and heavier than it used to be. Wanna know who they are? Read on and find out!

Jessica Alba - 2016 Saint Laurent at the Palladium

Jessica Alba and the all out motor lux. You can never achieve the maximum sensation without the right proportion, and sometimes, it’s more about experimenting and just letting things be free-style as wild as they go, proven by Jessica Alba with the navy motor jacket powered by the golden-shined Saint Laurent evening gown. Is it 50 50? We all know it’s never that simple, but the high-waist motor jacket perfectly empathized Alba’s proportion to its best, while the lux on the bottom makes the whole look rock with personality. It’s hers, after all.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - 2016 Saint Laurent at the Palladium

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the hybrid neutrality. With the metallic black bustier top tucked in the tightly-wrapped black leather skirt, and the finishing piece of black suit blazer on the surface, there were so many things unveiled to the surface of rhythmic rock and roll mixed with the sense of neutrality, a bit of everything right here, yet perfectly blended to the maximum wow-factor.

Lily Collins - 2016 Saint Laurent at the Palladium

Lily Collins and the sentiment cool. If there’s anything more solid than the palladium, you can take the guess what it should be – as seen on Lily Collins, wherever there is gold plus black leather jacket, there is sexiness burning with desire hot enough to melt the metal. The Saint Laurent mini dress she opted for was well-accompanied by the heels on the bottom, while projecting out the main image of her soft, feminine side with the cool black jacket.

Alexa Chung - 2016 Saint Laurent at the Palladium

Alexa Chung featuring the ultimate little black dress. The word slickness can no longer be describing Chung’s dress of choice with accuracy, for it’s not just sleek, but also the sensual, minimalistic touch of sexy wet-look leather well blended with the timelessness from the classic metal spirit. Nothing beats harder than the body-con, thigh-length dress stepped up with the equally powerful and sexy black boots. Elastic and effective, they brought out the hard, cool side of Chung effortlessly. Perfectly balanced with feminine drapes around the curves of the chest line, the leather dress grants Chung both the strength of the metal and sexy glam unbeatable.

Dakota Fanning - 2016 Saint Laurent at the Palladium

Dakota Fanning and the black chocolate effect. It’s 98% sexy with 2% rebellious. Cold? Yes. Bitter? Check. Sweet? Hell yea! The alternative option when it comes to the luxury punky is to make it your own, and Fanning demonstrated to us the no.1 example of doing it with ease by her choice for the event – a stunningly sweet and surprisingly powerful black bootie. It’s made to sweeten the bitterness of already hard and sharp metal theme, with the asymmetrical cold shoulder softly covers Fanning’s right arm alongside the bottom cut echoes the same; finishes by the peppy reflective bootie underneath, you get the sweetest bitterness possible.