21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards – Even if the biggest winner, the one that was being criticized the least was long being announced and the night was rather predictably dull, there were things, certain figures that made the night much less so thanks to the colorfulness and fabulousness they’ve brought to the event. Critics gonna criticize, but it never bothers the gorgeous lady guests at the night to be even more eye-drowning than ever. When it comes to dressing up for the sober and serious event like this one, the only stage where more winners are spotted is the premiere posing moment. And this time we brought to you the most fabulous figures at the event who smartly avoided being criticized, dressing-wise, while brought more compliments to the night.

Hayden Panettiere wearing Maria Lucia Hohan dress

Maria Lucia Hohan

While all eyes sharp and ready to be picky, the hard question would be, how bold is not too bold? A bit like playing with the risky card, if you’re not Hayden Panettiere who unlocked the perfect recipe that blends sexiness with elegance, you best not go down this route. And that secret was finally unveiled when our eyes were onto the light, powder pink evening gown Panettiere was covered in that had much more compliments than what it used to offer. The graceful and sexy gown embraces her body from the centre of the cross-design around her waist, in the most flattering way that it shows the curves without compromising the absolute glamour.

Jennifer Aniston in Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane Dress - 2016 Critics' Choice Awards

Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

The thing is, if you truly want to make the eyes happy, sometimes too much shades of grey just won’t work. 50? That’s history. The gist right here, right now is to use the proper amount of layers of the shades of grey to reach that just the right amount of climax. Sometimes you just have to do the math and work out the right number, and Jennifer Aniston knows that perfectly. With the grey high cut evening gown she’s opted for, all eyes are gonna be onto but the ultra-elegant drapes across her chest, adding the serious glam to the grey evening gown, making it the unique highlight of the already-fabulous one piece.

Kate Beckinsale wearing Butani Diamond Long Drop Earrings

Butani Jewellery

Kate Beckinsale wearing Monique Lhuillier Art Deco Dress - 2016 Critics' Choice Awards

Monique Lhuillier

Need we to say more? It’s the one streamlined sensual halter silver evening gown to its best. In fact, it never attracts the unwanted critical eyes when you can simply stay to the classic, stay to the lux to be able to stay safe. One of the all-time classic that elaborates smartness in all the intricate details, the weightless satin evening gown plays a heavy role for Kate Beckinsale in terms of keeping her look upscale, simple yet slick. Devils are best found in the detail, and they are the best critiques repellent.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent dress

Saint Laurent

Nothing beats the little black dress if you’ve got the magic. And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has got the exact magic needed to make the already-powerful-enough asymmetrical low-cut V-neck black gown even more lethal. Sexy, sensual, sentiment, statement, it covers all the right parts of the body while covering so much more than the low-back black gown could ever offer. The truth is, if you know what actions to take in order to seal the mouths of the critics, you gonna have to find your own power.

Alicia Vikander wearing Mary Katrantzou Spring Summer 2016 Bespoke Juno Dress

Mary Katrantzou

Among the ways of tackling the critical eyes of those who constantly judge harshly, one of them is the way of beads. Prettier and grander than the Silk Road, the road of pearls and beads that running throughout the entire front of the slick Mary Katrantzou black evening gown is just making everything else irrelevant. As the Milky Way pouring down from Alicia Vikander’s neckline right onto the ground, the embroidered evening gown shines brighter than the disco ball that turns the sober 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards into a feast of tactile bling and a moment of statement and characteristic getaway.