Extend beyond the awaken force – Star Wars-The Force Awakens Premiere. You’ve probably already seen the dark forces awakened on the big wide screen in the cinema, but when it comes to the forces that stormed the world of fashion right at the premiere of the movie, you still can’t ignore those fabulous women who explored beyond the dark side of the moon. They’re bright as the nova even in the darkest hue from their gorgeous red carpet armoury. Who are these people are we talking about exactly anyway?

Daisy Ridley Wearing Chloe White Dress


Daisy Ridley wearing Roland Mouret Dress

Roland Mouret

Daisy Ridley and the magic of dark and light. Totally 2 different type of style were demonstrated perfectly by Ridley effortlessly. Whether it’s the dark gothic cool look with deeper eyes and the cosmic off-shoulder dress that expands her farther into the dark force, or the completely opposite, naïve, pure and innocent high-waistline lace gown that illustrated her from the fearless fighter to the sweet princess-like lover, both choices were excellent and spot-on considering how well they echoed the theme of a futuristic landscape of the premiere while bringing you into the fantasized world of nothing-impossible. It’s the pure adventure into the wildest style overhauls and self-expression.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens Premiere

Lupita Nyong’o Wearing Alexandre Vauthier Dress

Alexandre Vauthier

Lupita Nyong’o Wearing Proenza Schouler Fringed Mesh Dress

Proenza Schouler

Lupita Nyong’o Red Carpet Drop Earrings
Lupita Nyong’o and the transformation of energetic glam. Whether it is the stunning black beaded lace maxi-bottomed shirt-coat, or the simple and straightforward metallic evening gown, everything is surrounding the word force as you can sense the power right from the streamline of her body flattered by each piece she’s wearing. Be it flashy or dimmed, what’s haven’t changed is the energy emitting throughout Nyong’o’s red carpet weaponry. Smartly highlighted by the cyan lipstick, the whole look of the beaded lux is suddenly being given a romantic, futuristic and preppy hue, uniquely presented by Nyong’o herself effortlessly.

Zendaya wearing Michael Kors Collection Sweater and Skirt

Michael Kors Collection

Zendaya and the cozy play of the lace drama. If there was anyone who was the daredevil that wasn’t afraid of playing the risky card in terms of style and stun-effect, it was no one else but Zendaya. Haven’t you seen her majestic combination of a brilliant, transparent sprinkle-all-over skirt with the comfortable, cozy, and usually not really carpet-friendly turtleneck cashmere sweater-dress? And the good news is, she’s got it. It was absolutely worth taking such risk with the whole look being in the end awe-able and elegant. It perfectly balanced between drama and reality, the clever play of both, and it worked the most astonishingly.

Elizabeth Banks wearing Elie Saab Dress paired with stud earrings

Elie Saab

Elizabeth Banks with the tone of romance. In a world dominated mostly by men swinging their laser swords and cursing at one another, let’s not forget how a woman can truly plays a significant role regardless all the mess and chaos. Messy? No. Majestic? Yes. This is the power of the autumn-themed, leaves-covered warm-toned off-shoulder evening maxi could ever provide to its wearer. The delicate size difference between the leaves on the bottom and the upper part is what truly makes it shine brighter than the glare of the laser swords. Another one piece wonder, demonstrated with ease and care.

Sarah Hyland wearing KaufmanFranco Leather Crystal Cocktail Dress and Jimmy Choo Viola Suede Tassel Sandals


Sarah Hyland and the party spirit. What can we say? The red carpet is the perfect stage for the fabulous ones to show off what they define as their own perfect carpet figure as we’ve seen them. Granted with the futuristic metallic hue, the sequined KaufmanFranco shirtdress is a party starter which perfects the peppiness and loveliness of Hyland as simple, sexy and sleek as one piece itself. Stepped with the equally sexy pumps, she’s ready for the party time.

Events held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on December 14, 2015 and Leicester Square in London on December 16, 2015.