2016 People’s Choice Awards has been a magic place, a place where there’s no time machine seen, yet something worn on the TV show muses takes us back to the time of the far past once we lay our eyes on our favorite style stars of our choice — covered in the most retro classic monochrome pigmentations, we’ve witnessed ourselves being taken on the journey from the colorful and eventful present to the tranquil, simple yet the most classic 1960s where everything was in its purest form of distinguishable black and white, and everything else in between becomes sensually irrelevant. This time we’re taking a close look on the “magic monochrome star” consist of fabulous TV actress Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Camilla Luddington, Julianne Hough and Kate Hudson, and see how they shine so bright in the red carpet sky.

Julianne Hough wearing Kaufmanfranco Dress and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes - 2016 People's Choice Awards


Julianne Hough wearing Forevermark Diamonds - 2016 Peoples Choice Awards

Forevermark Diamonds

Julianne Hough & the sequined vamp. We say dress to impress for a very good reason, and onto the People’s Choice 2016 red carpet, this saying is perfectly delivered by the work-of-an-art look Julianne Hough, in the most desirable way possible. The black KaufmanFranco sequin off-the-shoulder gown is finished in the enticing way almost can be regarded as two-piece from the chest-down, while leaving Hough plenty of skins to show off, releasing her vamp-side in the most elegant ways as she kept it all slick with the knot of her hair on her head.

Vanessa Hudgens wearin Kayat dress and Jack Vartanian earrings - 2016 People's Choice Awards


Vanessa Hudgens & the sexy tale of drapes. Taken from Kayat resort, everything on Hudgens this year is under the tactile effect of draped streamlines; the metallic silver lamé gathered gown sculpts her figure with all the right curves and not just the ones of hers, but also from the sexy cut of the gown itself. Slightly dark-themed, with a somewhat gothic scent from the choke, Hudgens is refined in the powerful and feminine ways visible and sensible.

2016 People’s Choice Awards

Kate Hudson wearing Stella McCartney white jumpsuit - 2016 People's Choice Awards

Stella McCartney

Kate Hudson wearing Jorge Adeler Aquamarine Earrings - 2016 People's Choice Awards

Jorge Adeler

Kate Hudson & the neutral commitment. While others are trying their personal best on sculpting the silhouette to the max, Kate Hudson is doing the exact opposite brilliantly, by stepping in Stella McCartney’s pure white bustier jumper. Roomy, loose, laid back, neutral, who says that red carpet is all about dresses? Hudson gave out a refreshing example by showing that if you’ve got the spirit to shout out I can be less serious and more playful, then you’ve got what it takes to make pants phabulous.

Camilla Luddington wearing white Balmain Dress and Jennifer Meyer jewelry - 2016 People's Choice Awards


Camilla Luddington & ivory regal complex. Nothing empowers a woman’s irresistible yet forceful femininity better than Balmain’s little white shirt dress, and obvious Luddington is also well aware of that. Wrapped tightly in Balmain’s ivory shoulder-embellished body-con dress this year shone on the red carpet, the elegance is not only from the cross “shoulder badges” that reverse the masculinity into femininity, but also from the regal and wholesome figure that the dress provided to her.

Ashley Benson wearing Philipp Plein Black Dress - 2016 People's Choice Awards

Philipp Plein

Ashley Benson & the unified slickness. Whenever we wanted to borrow something to describe the new black, we tend not to say, use something that’s black, usually. But Ashley Benson has broken this golden rule for us this year by the unified, short yet something completely cool she’s opted for, and it turned out that the two-faced embellished-shouldered turtleneck sweater dress only unveils its completely form when being viewed from its deliberately decorated backside, unified, sexy, slick to the core, here you got it, 200%.

Keke Palmer wearing Yousef Al-Jasmi black top and skirt and Anne Sisteron jewelry 2016 People's Choice Awards

Yousef Al-Jasmi

Keke Palmer in a Yousef Al-Jasmi top and skirt. Anne Sisteron and Nissa Jewelry completed her look.

Shay Mitchell wearing Haney Black Dress - 2016 People's Choice Awards


Shay Mitchell in Haney Black Dress. Le Vian and Casa Reale jewelry rounded out her look.

Lucy Hale wearing Self Portrait Black Dress - 2016 People's Choice Awards


Lucy Hale in a black lace Self-Portrait dress that she styled with Brian Atwood pumps and Lee Savage clutch.

Claire Danes wearing Burberry dress and Kwiat jewelry - 2016 People's Choice Awards


Claire Danes in a Burberry Prorsum Dress (Spring 2016 Collection) and Kwiat Jewelry.